Benefits of Choosing vantage UAV

We aim to provide exceptional service, both to our customers and operators.

No two projects are alike with some complex ones taking weeks to plan. We organise all the necessary risk assessments, equipment, site surveys and permissions in order to make this operation run as safely and smoothly as possible. We therefore suggest the simplest way of getting a more specific quote for your individual project would be either to drop us an email or just call for a friendly chat. +44 (0) 203 871 8226

Speak to a qualified vantage consultant who will then organise a fact to face meeting or take your requirement over the phone

We have the expertise to help your business take advantage of UAV technology and the data collected . We will advise on current requirements and laws, what insurance is needed and how to store/ analyse the data captured . We have the best pilot network reach globally to help you.

Send the operator to the destination of your project with copies of insurance and relevant experience send beforehand to meet client representative on site.

Project completed and feedback given.