New Partnership with Arizona Farm Bureau

Vantage UAV are offering Arizona Farm Bureau Members a cashback discount off specific drone hardware and a discount for any Drone as a Service, for example Surveys and Inspections.

About Arizona Farm Bureau

The Arizona Farm Bureau is Arizona’s leading farm and ranch organisation with membership that represents production agriculture across the state of Arizona. They are highly regarded as “The Voice of Agriculture” in Arizona. They offer value to their members by making products and services available to their members at a discounted price.

Arizona Farm Bureau are an independent, non-governmental grassroots organisation, evaluating issues and constructing actions to achieve educational improvement, economic opportunity and social advancement. As the agriculture industry continually faces new challenges, the Arizona Farm Bureau is there to assist members in tackling those challenges. They are involved in lobbying on county, state and national issues.

Issues they are involved with:

Drones in Agriculture

The use of Drones in agriculture provides a wealth of data farmers can use to make better management decisions, which in turn result in enhanced crop yields and profitability. Mapping and surveying involve the use of a selection of different sensors, this ensures that the drones improve the efficiency and accuracy of data capture across sectors in a much speedier and cost-effective manner.

Information from drone surveys can help provide the following:

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