The Team

The Story

Having worked as City entrepreneurs since our late twenties, we finally decided to ditch our suits in 2017 and founded VantageUAV. Our mission, quite simply: to build a company from the ground up with no initial seed capital or clients and create a global brand. ‘Simple’…., but by no means ‘Easy’.

So, the journey began. Firstly, ingratiating ourselves into relevant market ecosystems to gain understanding; working every waking hour; minimising every possible overhead, whilst continuing to earn an income elsewhere to pay our bills.

This was an interesting time for us. Often we would question our goals. ‘Had we bitten off more than we could chew?’ The first 2 years were the hardest; thousands of phone calls, hundreds of conferences, many, many ‘Wow that’s amazing’s’ but ‘No thank you’s’.

Many market sectors remained sceptical of drone technology and its respective benefits. Many simply didn’t have budgets for new technology – so even though they could see incredible benefits (cost and otherwise) they were not permitted to invest…. and many just didn’t know what they didn’t know.

We had to invest. We had to invest our time; go talk with as many people as we could and show them what drones could do for them. In all we spent 2 years travelling the globe spreading the word before finally, we started to gain traction.

It’s fair to say we’ve made a few mistakes along the way but our dream remains on course. We now have a wonderful team of people situated all across the globe. All with the same purpose and ambition. Our business model remains as robust as ever as we continue to strive towards our goal and most important remembering to have fun!

Jon Love

Co-Managing Director

After graduating from University of Bristol in 1995 in Economics & Statistics ( BSc) he stayed in Bristol and became a Recruitment Manager for Glotel Plc. He then successfully founded a medical recruitment company in Birmingham and a Property Development/ Construction company managing up to 50 staff.

After spending a lot of time in his beloved city of New York, Jon decided to become a Software Sales Consultant for Siemens Plc, selling Application Lifecycle Management Software as a Service solutions for Fortune 500 companies before becoming a Software Solution Consultant for an IT & Media Company working in the City of London.

With the ultimate goal of moving to the States he then set up VantageUAV with Richard in 2016 with full responsibility for the Front Office/ Sales and establishing Strategic Partner Relationships with clients.

Jon is a keen Wolverhampton Wanderers Football supporter, avid NY Jets fan, golf lover and pool/ chess player.

Richard Scriven

Co-Managing Director

Richard’s entire career has consisted of ‘Front Office’ focused activities.

Having graduated from University he moved into the Financial Services sector as an Independent Financial Advisor and Employee Benefits Consultant within private practice. Achieving role of Regional Director by his mid-twenties he assisted with the growth of the franchise by opening six satellite franchises across the UK – 7 years.

Richard then established his own business with two other partners in Executive Search recruitment (within Banking and Financial Services). – 14 years.

In capacity of Group M.D. he built a company of over forty staff across a franchise of four UK offices and one overseas (RSA). Working on Exclusive and retained mandates with C-Level Officers his clients included Bulge Bracket and Blue Chip companies such as Goldman Sachs, Barclays Capital, BNP Pariba, BAM, Aviva, Standard Life, Et al.

Having left the Financial Services sector Richard established his own Property Development Company, Successfully completing and Project Managing numerous developments (where he met Jon). With a shared interest in new markets and technology they also established Vantage UAV in 2016.

Tom Wiernikowski

Operations Director

With a long history in business development and account management for major blue-chip organisations Tom has a wealth of experience in both searching for new business and maintaining existing commercial relationships for companies such as Xerox, Lexmark Tektronics and Heinz in the FMCG sector. He also ran his own company in the automotive consultancy sector.

A passion for Aviation resulted in achieving the PPL (A) in the late 90`s. (Light aircraft pilots’ licence)

Tom entered the “drone space” in 2015/16 and operated a commercial UAV inspection company with the acquisition of the Full CAA PfCO – achieving the highest score in class.

Currently acting as Operations Director for an international UAV company, he is responsible for interacting with the front office function and directly with the pilot teams and clients to ensure the smooth, safe and efficient UAV / data capture operations.

Arjan Bhardwaj

Chief Technology Officer

Having graduated in 1995 with a BSc in Software Engineering For Real Time Systems, he went on to work with companies such as UBS and Morgan Stanley, developing and building support structures, staff hiring, infrastructure development, redundancy and off site contingency strategies for 12 years. Whilst simultaneously building an international business moving electronic equipment and providing staffing requirements to blue chip organisations.

He was also involved in investor relations and introduction of clients to small brokerages, setting up online presence and presentations to clients for mining projects around the world for firms listing, and listed on the TSX. Having travelled to Tanzania and other parts of Africa as a trader and a part owner in a diamond mine during the 2004-2006 periods; he assisted in organising matters related to licensing, logistics, and security of assets.

Currently involved in an array of software development projects, focused primarily on application / platform development, Blockchain Technology and decentralised payment solutions.