Skydio is an American manufacturer of drones based in Redwood City, California. Skydio’s mission is to make the world more productive, creative and safe with autonomous flight. 

They design, assemble, and support our products in the U.S. They develop in-house software and source processors from U.S. companies. Enabling them to provide a high level of supply chain security and serve as a trusted partner to government customers. The result is a homegrown aircraft that reflects the best of American innovation, trustworthiness, and craftsmanship.

Skydio’s founders met as grad students at MIT in 2009, where they helped pioneer autonomous drone technology. After MIT, they helped start Google’s Project Wing. Skydio was founded in 2014, and in 2018 they launched R1, which was widely regarded as a breakthrough in autonomous drones for consumers and as a platform for commercial development.

Skydio products result from over a decade of R&D by world experts in drones, AI, and computer vision.

In March 2021, Skydio became a unicorn, becoming the first US drone manufacturer to exceed $1 billion in value.

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