Teal was founded in 2014 by George Matus in Salt Lake City, Utah. Teal’s purpose is to enable unmanned systems to be more than just flying cameras. With a strong team and a backbone of venture support, Teal is helping to rebuild America’s sUAS industrial base to compete on a global scale.

At Teal, they quickly became aware of the growing divide between the international drone technology market and American’s ability to compete. They set out on a mission to bring back America’s drone industrial base by creating trusted, scalable solutions for commercial and government markets. They’ve succeeded in their first step towards that, introducing Golden Eagle as their next generation platform.

Golden Eagle provides enhanced situational awareness for inspections and short-range reconnaissance, while maintaining the ethos of Teal One. Teal’s leading-edge, compliant sUAS technology protects and informs front-line operators with a scalable, secure, and rugged system. Teal has quickly become a key sUAS provider for Government and Commercial customers alike.


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