HHLA Sky’s Integrated Digital Control Centre is an advanced, secure and safety conscious operational control system, encompassing BVLOS drones and mobile robots into workflows to increase site efficiency, security and communication.


Arizona Farm Bureua:

The Arizona Farm Bureau is Arizona’s leading farm and ranch organisation with members representing the production agriculture across the state of Arizona.


Hamburger Hafen und Logistik AG (HHLA) is a leading European port and transport logistics company. HHLA is the coordination centre for all ships entering the port of Hamburg. HHLA Sky has been designed to support large scale operations of this nature, with an integrated control centre for BVLOS drones and robots.  

HHLA recognised “no complete solution for the challenge of centrally and simultaneously controlling drone fleets in different locations around the world. HHLA Sky has developed just such a platform. It can clearly and easily map out the fleet planning, scheduling, flight and data preparation”. 


The HHLA Sky Management Platform:   

  • Flight Planner 
  • Flight Monitor  
  • Flight Control  
  • Flight Data 
  • Sensor Data 
  • Video Streaming 
  • Drone Admin 

Technology: The HHLA Sky solution is a highly encrypted and secure data transfer system with the drone technology safety and security being built according to standards IEC 61508 and IEC 62443.  Designed to have interruption-free operations, the solution offers unrivalled streaming capabilities ensuring you can have eyes-on in all situations. The system is built in a way that makes it fully scalable, ensuring your needs can be met, whatever the size of your operations.  

Integration: Seamless integration into your workflows is an important part of the HHLA Sky design. The system is able to be integrated into existing IT infrastructures via specific APIs such as: Enterprise Resource Planning, Supply Chain Management, Enterprise Asset Management.  

HHLA Sky Drone Hardware: The HHLA Sky industrial drone is a multipurpose platform which reducing maintenance and spare part costs. Designed for various applications, the HHLA Sky drones are capable of, transportation, high-definition photography and video streaming, thermal imaging, spectral analysis, LiDAR and much more!


Use Cases:  


  • Fast transportation on defined routes 
  • Integrated container or container grabber 
  • 3kg payload capacity  
  • Multiple Sensor Capability 
  •  Customisable to your requirements 


Data Capture 

  • Rapid asset inspection on defined routes 
  • Real-time situational reports (<800m/s to 20 stakeholders) 
  • Multiple sensor capability 
  • Increase ground crew efficiency  
  • Increase safety 


Security and Surveillance  

  • Automated flights for defined areas 
  • Randomised routes 
  • Surveillance through real-time and infrared  
  • High resolution video and image capability 
  • Storage on-board possible 
  • Integration of spotlight possible  


Arizona Farm Bureau 

Arizona Farm Bureau is an independent, non-governmental organisation that aims to be “The Voice of Agriculture” in Arizona. The organisation aims to work with its members to provide support, education and social advancement for farming communities across Arizona. Representing farmers, the Bureau helps its members highlight issues by lobbying on county, state and national issues.  

The farming industry continues to face unprecedented challenges, with climate change accelerating issues such as more extreme temperatures and rainfall along with changes in pest and disease patterns. With this in mind, Arizona Farm Bureau are continually looking for new innovative solutions that can assist their members in tackling these challenges. with climate-change being likely to change having the ability to change farming practices as we know it today. Supporting members with the challenges

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