Vantage UAV has a country-wide pilot network that can provide a wide range of aerial services including test & inspection, roof surveys, thermal imaging, powerline, solar and wind turbine inspection and many others.


Being a leader in technological advancements the Renewable Energy sector has embraced the use of automated services for some time. Recognising this Vantage UAV bring cutting edge technologies to this sector to further improve the provision of data, enabling the implementation of pre-emptive maintenance programmes.


Drones have enabled rapid inspections of large solar farms, enabling site managers to perform predictive maintenance, rapid response to critical faults and improve the efficiency of output. 


Drones are becoming an integral part of everyday infrastructure inspections; allowing clients to gather data much more quickly and accurately than ever before, resulting in improved decision making processes.


A multitude of different sensors ensure drones improve the efficiency and accuracy of data capture across the Property & Real Estate sector in a much speedier and cost-effective manner.

Mapping and Surveying

The use of Drones in agriculture provide a wealth of data farmers can use to make better management decisions, which in turn result in enhanced crop yields and profitability.


Drones can be used in the Mining Sector for a multitude of uses; from monitoring and inspecting deep shafts, the inspection of assets and equipment through to highly accurate volumetric analysis of aggregate piles, saving time and valuable resources as a result.

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