Vantage UAV has a country-wide pilot network that can provide a wide range of aerial services including test & inspection, roof surveys, thermal imaging, powerline, solar and wind turbine inspection and many others.


Landowners are often at the mercy of the unpredictable fluctuations in environmental and organic conditions; managing crop and livestock health and mitigating damage caused by natural disasters across vast expanses of land can be challenging. Drone technology can help to increase yield, optimize land, crop, and stock management - all whilst significantly reducing cost, time, and labor. Equipped with Multispectral and Thermal technology, drones harvest high-quality data, aid in assessing and treating crops, and provide an ariel view in HD footage and imagery, making mapping and monitoring land quick and straightforward.

Aerial view of construction site with crane and building. Top view of big development construction and architecture.

Built Environment

In the UK, Vantage UAV are the proud partner of the National Housing Federation and their preferred drone services supplier. Through a wealth of experience, Vantage UAV are well equipped to deal with the challenges facing the built environment sector, and can provide safe, cost and time efficient solutions. Drone based surveys and inspections assist housing associations in monitoring safety, repairs and maintenance, and support development and regeneration projects. Conducting roof inspections, 3D Modelling, Thermal Imaging and responsive repairs, Vantage UAV’s drone-based solutions offer high-quality data provision and analysis, equipping clients with asset comprehension and management, facilitating fast, strategic decisions to be made.

Aerial view of highway and overpass in city on a cloudy day


Drones are fast becoming an integral part of everyday inspections, mapping, and surveying activities within the infrastructure sector. Allowing clients to gather high-quality, actionable data quickly, accurately, and safely, drones can improve decision making and infrastructure management, equipping and arming the sector against the challenges posed by increased adverse weather events, maintaining and monitoring vast infrastructure and the logistical complexities of projects



Drone technology has long been on the rise within the mining sector, with many major mining companies already employing UAVs on site and in their operations. Due to their speed, manoeuvrability and scope, drones can gather high-quality data on site, perform equipment inspections, perimeter surveillance, erosion detection, and much more, offering a smarter, safer, and more efficient alternative to manual methods. Drones can monitor ore deposits remotely, giving key, actionable information in real-time, and can cover other hazardous hard-to-reach areas, keeping workers safe without compromising on access or data provision quality.

High angle view of solar panels on an energy farm in rural england; full frame background texture.


Vantage UAV offer sunnier solutions to the solar sector; with drone-based inspections, defects and damages can be detected quickly, safely, and reliably, increasing inspection efficiency across large solar farms. Equipped with Thermographic and Infra-Red technology, drone-based inspections offer unrivalled insight into solar asset condition, improved data provision and analysis enables pre-emptive maintenance to be undertaken, ensuring that high-cost repairs and downtime are avoided.


Being a leader in technological advancements, the Renewable Energy sector has embraced the use of automated services for some time. Combining cutting edge technology and innovative solutions, Vantage UAV offers improved data provision and analysis and enables pre-emptive maintenance programmes to keep renewables reliable. Our drone-based inspection services provide superior insight and information to clients and a safe, cost and time efficient solution to wind power asset management and maintenance.

The applications for drones are endless. If you can’t find a service you need, get in touch and talk to an advisor.

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