Drone solutions are becoming increasingly popular within the mining sector. A survey of 179 mining sites found that in 2019 26% had notable investments in drone technology, a significant rise from just below 20% of sites in 2018 (GlobalData).

Mining giants Rio Tinto, BHP and Anglo American have already embraced drone technology, and an estimated 70% of major mining companies have trialed drones since 2016 (GlobalData).

Drone technology is the future. So, don’t fall behind. Integrate UAV technology, gain better Vantage over your site and increase efficiency, safety and speed whilst reducing cost, downtime, and risk.

Vantage UAV drone-based solutions combine innovative technology and comprehensive support to increase efficiency, safety and the quality of data provision and analysis within the mining sector, ensuring clients are equipped and informed to optimize site and asset management.

Our Services

  • Volumetric analysis  
  • Erosion detection  
  • High-resolution optical images  
  • Equipment inspection (conveyors/pipelines)  
  • Livestream perimeter surveillance  
  • Mountable multi-spectral cameras remotely monitor ore deposits 
  • Safe flights in hazardous areas 
  • Full, comprehensive view of site and assets  

Sky to Cloud Reporting 

Vantage UAV operate a sky to cloud system; data collected via drone flight is delivered in easy to read, annotated digital reports, designed to be accessible from the convenience of a desk. Our specialized in-house data storage and analysis software keeps client data functional and accessible, with multiple user access and formatting options.  

Full, turn-key solutions and support

Vantage UAV are experienced and committed to bringing the benefits of drone technology to the mining sector. We offer full, turn-key solutions, from project management, flight planning, piloting, and comprehensive support- from initial consultation to final report.  

At Vantage UAV, we work with you, for you. We collaborate closely with clients to understand their challenges, workflow, aims and provide the best solution possible. Our range of services and industry experts allow us to craft bespoke solutions to site and asset monitoring and management.  

Why Employ Drone Technology on your Site

High-Quality, Actionable Data and Asset Awareness

How our solutions reduce your operating cost in the short and long term.


Manual monitoring and measurement of stockpiles (e.g. ore deposits) requires land surveyors to scale hazardous terrain with equipment and measure and record from numerous points. Despite being labour intensive, data collected during this process has low reliability and quality due to limited manual accessibility and or visibility.

Mining sites are vast and dynamic with a fluid structure and terrain, making it difficult to achieve a full, up-to-date overview or to monitor and report changes occurring across a site using manual or ground-based methods. Consequently, equipment weaknesses or hazards cannot be detected and reported quickly or reliably, and haul roads cannot be adjusted if needed, risking accidents or disruption.


Stockpile measurements are key to predicting profits and results- so why leave data provision quality to chance? Invest in drone technology and increase accuracy and actionability.  

Drones offer a full view of stockpiles from all angles, capturing high-resolution optical images and collecting measurements from multiple points to perform accurate volumetric analysis. The visual scope and maneuverability and vast data provision capabilities of drones are well matched to the dynamic, vast nature of the mining site and, with drones mountable to ore deposits, constant, up-to-date, actionable data collection and analysis is easy, fast, and safe.

Increase Speed and Efficiency, Cut Costs 

Work smarter


Manual mapping and surveying activities are time consuming and require expensive equipment– without guaranteeing data accuracy or quality. When surveyors are onsite operations must stop, increasing downtime and reducing profits. Furthermore, manual surveyance methods often fail to detect erosion, equipment weaknesses and haul road errors, risking accidents, incurring additional costs, and negatively impacting productivity.  


Drones perform mapping and surveying tasks faster, more efficiently and with greater reliability than manual methods, providing high-quality data provision, accurate site and asset monitoring and management whilst decreasing time and cost and increasing safety and productivity. 

Drone technology eliminates the expense of equipment and labour during stockpile surveyance, enabling workers to be utilized safely and effectively elsewhere and, by detecting and reporting errors and hazards quickly and reliably, avoids operational disruption and downtime, increasing productivity and profit.   

In addition, drones are superior to non-manual mapping and surveying alternatives in their efficiency; studies have found that utilizing a piloted drone instead of piloted plane could save a mine around 90% of the cost per hour (GlobalData). 

Safe and Secure 

Safety is our priority 


Mining remains one of the most hazardous occupations; sites are complex, fast-moving, and potentially dangerous. It is impractical to expect ground workers to manage and monitor such vast, dynamic sites sufficiently to prevent accidents or disruption. 

Manually monitoring stockpiles, such as ore deposits, is a particularly hazardous and labor-intensive process, requiring workers to scale dangerous terrain with heavy equipment to collect data. Reliably safeguarding equipment and stockpiles and detecting and reporting suspect activity manually is also challenging, given the scale of many sites.


The visual scope and maneuverability of drones enables precise and thorough access, monitoring, and reporting over large or dangerous areas, in real-time, so that hazards and weaknesses can be detected and rectified swiftly to prevent accidents or disruption. Mountable multispectral cameras greatly reduce risk to site workers by assessing and inspecting stockpile deposits remotely.  

Drones offer vigilant security solutions, providing live stream surveillance, securing perimeters, swiftly detecting, and reporting suspect activity and safeguarding high-cost equipment and stockpiles.

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