Responsible for providing and maintaining the supply and connection of basic, yet vital, amenities to society, the Utilities Sector plays a fundamental role in today’s world.  

Whether clients transport power, gas, oil or water, Vantage UAV have drone-based data provision and analysis services to enhance every and any portfolio and workflow. Vantage UAV optimize inspection, monitoring, managing, and mapping activities and provide clients with smart, safe, and efficient asset and site comprehension and maintenance.  

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The increased demand for electricity in recent years has led to substantial growth within the powerline construction industry – and a growing need to manage and maintain rapidly expanding powerline networks efficiently and effectively to ensure reliable power supply and transmission. With an increase in volatile weather events across the US, such as wildfires, storms, and hurricanes, maintaining reliable power in the US has become challenging. Power failures and disruption have become commonplace; a 2018 survey found that one in four companies experience a power outage at least once a month...


Pipelines are notoriously difficult to inspect due to the incredibly vast network they form. In the US, there are 218,970 miles of pipeline carrying a variety of media. Due to the recent surge in US energy production, this capacity is rising to transport US-derived energy to both international and national markets, with a 23,000-mile increase in liquid pipeline and 18,000-mile increase in oil pipeline in the last half-decade, alone.

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Oil & gas

The inspection and maintenance of assets and facilities is paramount, not only as the industry is bound by strict regulations, but to protect profits, the community, and the environment. Currently, methane leaks in the US gas and oil supply equate to 2.3% of the country’s total gas production - a staggering annual loss of 13 million metric tons of methane - posing a significant threat to the community and environment and highlighting the importance of inspection and maintenance. 

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